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Filipino food have been conquered the newest food taste in history. Food is one of the basic needs and it’s important to people . On a daily basis our bodies remind us to eat in certain amount of food. Besides, when you ignore to feed your body, starving tell you that you need to eat. Food supply like as fuel to gives us the liveliness and gives our body with the nutrients to energize the immune system. In this present time Filipino food has been extend new verities.
Lots of Filipino food language was made, food is called "pagkain." And lots of delicacies can be found in the different provinces. In Bicol province they offer a specialty called "laing," a food cooked in coconut milk with lots of chili. While in Quezon province, you will discover "pansit hab-hab,” fried noodles which are placed on a leaf. If you will visit Pampanga, you will find "longganisa," Filipino version of sausage. In Cebu city “danggit” is the most popular meaning to say is a dried fish. The “pinakbet" which mean a mixture of vegetables cooked with fish sauce which very popular in Nueva Ecija  . Visiting to Ilocos "bagnet,” is popular food for them it means cured meat.
But there’s more exciting, which so called “street food” you will find seller selling boiled duck egg very known as "balut," and grilled dishes known as "ihaw-ihaw." A grilled chicken intestine is also called "isaw." To satisfy your thirst you can also find a juice known as "palamig and buko juice."The “Palamig”juice come in a variety of flavors and the “buko juice” is come from the coconut tree. But the very known street food today is the "kwe-kwek" a boiled eggs with an orange coated flour.

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